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About Us

Deerstones Bakery is a micro bakery, set up in April 2014 in bonny Colne, based amidst the beauty of Pendle Hill in Lancashire. Making handcrafted bread and pastries, many crafted from our sourdough starter called 'Betty'.

We offer a wide range of artisan breads available through local delis and cafes, farmers markets and a bread subscription service. Deerstones Bakery is proud to have its origins in Lancashire. The name Deerstones comes from a craggy fell above Sabden on the side of Pendle Hill. It supposedly shows the Devil's footprints from when he jumped from Hameldon Hill to Pendle, carrying an apron full of stones - hence 'Apronful Hill' near to the Nick of Pendle.

Deerstones Bread Collage

Our Breads

Some of the types of bread available;

  • Sabden Sourdough
  • Chilli & Cheese Cob
  • Italian breads - focaccia, olive baton, tomato boule
  • Speciality breads, with flavour fillings or seeds & nuts
  • Pastries, cinnamon swirls, croissants

We use good quality freshly milled flour and organic yeast to create a variety of breads, from sourdough to Olive bread. Always experimenting to bring you great flavour combinations.

What is a sourdough? A sourdough loaf is made using a sourdough leaven harnessing the raising power of wild yeasts. It can take over 24hrs to create a lovely long slow fermented loaf which is full of flavour. This produces a natural dough with no additives, which is also more nutritious and easier to digest, so better for you.

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